It is unquestionable that Kathy Petrino has a flair for writing about her favorite travel destinations in a way that encourages her readers to enjoy the same excursions them-selves, which is a great thing for helping those destinations thrive. Of course, the driving force behind her travel blog is to do just that; to make sure readers have a great time and avoid some of the hiccups she experienced when she travels. Kathy Petrino intends to see everything worth seeing during her lifetime and she wants others to enjoy them as much as she did.

Among Kathy Petrino’s favorite spots to travel is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Here, along this 200-mile-long string of barrier islands that splits just off the coast of North Carolina,you will find beaches that are gorgeous, uncrowded, and, for some, nostalgic. The land and the beaches are seriously underrated and mostly unspoiled by excessive commerce; the small towns can only be called “cute” or “adorable.” Many old lighthouses dot the landscape and they are very nice to look at and educational. There is a lot of history here; the treacherous seas off the Outer Banks caused many shipwrecks, thus giving that section of the sea the nickname of “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” There is nothing dangerous about the beaches and the hiking areas, though; they’re fun for the whole family.